Auto Wreckers: Wrecking Junk, Saving The Environment

An old car taking up space in the garage or leaking oil all over the floor can be a source of a serious headache. But before you hurry it off to a nearby junkyard, imagine you could trade your junk car for a much higher price. Moreover, you might save on the towing charges as well.

How does it work?

There has been a surge in auto wreckers and junk car recyclers in the past ten years. They pay you cash for your old vehicle and handle all the paperwork related to the process. Most of them have a website from where you can contact them for junk car towing. From getting a time slot to evaluate the car to get money in your hand, the entire process can take as less as 48 hours. The company representative will inspect the car in question, and you will receive a fair quote. Usually, there is a reduction in price if some auto parts are found missing.

Opting for an auto recycler instead of a junkyard is good for your pocket and easy on the environment.

Before handing over your car, make sure:

  • That you have thoroughly checked the car and removed all personal items.
  • That you have collected the receipt mentioning the details of the transaction (amount received, date of disposal, etc.) from the tow truck driver.
  • That you are only handing over the title papers of the car and the keys.

 If you do not possess the title papers, even then, you can go for the auto recycler. Many auto wreckers would buy your junk car without title papers. 

What happens to the car after towing?

An automobile may appear to be all junk and metal to an ordinary person, but it contains many components. Apart from the metal, a vehicle also contains batteries, engine oil, some plastic parts, antifreeze, fuel, etc. Many of the components mentioned above, if not handled carefully, can pose a threat to the environment. Therefore, disposing of a junk automobile is not as simple as dumping it in a dump yard.

In some cases, parts of a car in working condition and repairable condition are removed as a whole and resold. If the car is damaged beyond repair, great care is also taken to dispose of it sustainably.

Responsible and eco-friendly junk car salvagers work in many steps. All the fluids in the vehicle are separately drained, filtered, and recycled for further use. The batteries, if possible, are also repaired and reused. Other recyclable materials, for example, metal sheets, metal parts, plastic, glass windows, rubber tires, etc. are separated and sent back into respective industries to be used again.

In this way, only a tiny part of the whole vehicle reaches the landfills. Reducing the risk of lead, mercury, or oil contamination of the ground to a bare minimum. Thus choosing the right way to get rid of old junk vehicles makes you a wise and responsible citizen.