Call a Classic Car Appraiser

Do you know who really enjoys their job? A classic car appraiser. They get to go to work every day and see some of the most intriguing vehicles in the country and to value them to help their owners protect their investment. An appraiser can help you safeguard your vehicle and your bank account in a variety of circumstances. 

For example, if you are looking for the right insurance coverage for your car, you want to work with a classic car appraiser, a professional who has the training and experience to accurately value your car. This keeps you from having to accept an insurance appraiser’s valuation of the vehicle, which probably won’t accurately value any customizations or modifications because the appraiser won’t have the experience or knowledge to do so correctly. They also aren’t likely to have access to an extensive database of comparable sales, unlike our appraisers. 

Should you be in the market for a classic car, you should work with an appraiser to get a pre-purchase inspection. The appraiser will go over every inch of the vehicle and carefully examine it. They will make note of any cosmetic or mechanical problems, take detailed notes, and high-resolution photographs to document any issues. Then they will submit the appraisal report to you in both digital and hard-copy formats. With the information in the report, you can make the right decision about whether to continue with the purchase. 

If you live far away from the vehicle, you can depend on the appraiser to be your eyes and ears. They will help you to save time and money traveling. You can avoid taking time away from your family and job in order to look at the vehicle. Also, if you’re not confident in doing the inspection yourself, then you should have the appraiser help you.

If you want to sell your classic or custom vehicle, knowing the issues that the vehicle has can help you to price it right. You may want to repair any major damage before you put it on the market as well. You can also share the appraisal with the potential buyer to promote openness as you’re obligated to tell them about any damage to the vehicle if they ask. 

A classic car appraiser has access to an extensive database of comparable sales as well as experience valuing many types of vehicles, including motorcycles, RVs, boats, and classic and custom vehicles. They are your advocate in finding out if a vehicle has any problems.