Chocolate Fountain Proper Maintenance

A chocolate fountain can really add fun and excitement to any party. Guests, both young and old will surely enjoy it as you serve with a variety of treats. So, to extend the life of our chocolate fountain unit, you need to know how to operate it properly, when and how to replace the wear-and-tear parts.

So check out these proper maintenance procedures:

Do not tightly wrap the base of your fountain except when you need to replace its motor. Usually, chocolate fountains have vent holes next to the basin which holds the unit for a good reason. The vent holes allow hot air coming from the motor escape. This helps in maintaining an ideal heat level within the fountain’s base. If you wrap the base of your unit, it can lead to overheating and eventually shutting down. When this happens, you have to allow your unit to cool off. Also, you need to check if replacing the fuse is necessary. Do this before restarting your fountain.

Check your belt as often as possible. It is advisable to do so once every four months or at least once a year. You have to tighten or replace your belt if it is loose or if it shows signs of wear and tear. During operation, you will hear a loud, weird, and continuous noise if your belt needs some attention. It is not a huge issue, however if the belt is not tightened or replaced, it will come off eventually and surely you would not have fun using your unit. Refer to your manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to tighten or replace the belt of your chocolate fountain unit.

Clean each part of your unit thoroughly after each use. Check for and remove any chocolate that may have dripped in your base through the vent holes.. If your unit has a drip guard, this would not be a problem. A drip guard is a great invention which keeps majority of the melted chocolate inside your unit and off your table linens and floor.