Cleaning materials for your vehicle

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Regularly cleaning the vehicle is among the ways to ensure it is well-maintained. At most times, car owners rely on car wash services to guarantee a thorough cleaning of their vehicle’s interior and exterior components. But there are also others who rely on their own skills to do the job, which essentially also saves them money. 

Still, car owners need to know the specific and appropriate cleaning materials for vehicles – not all aftermarket cleaning products can be used for the car. Accordingly, you have to be cautious with the cleaning materials for your car, especially when you have invested in window film Tampa FL

After proceeding with car window tinting Tampa FL, you need to ensure that you use mild cleaning solutions and non-abrasive cloths. Most store-bought cleaning products have ammonia, a harmful substance that can eat away your tint’s materials and even cause film discoloration. You can either buy cleaning agents that are fit for cars or just use soapy water. 

Accordingly, you should also avoid using brushes, particularly those with hard bristles, as these can scratch your tint and make it look as if it was cut. The ideal cleaning material to use is soft cloths, like microfiber cloths. 

For more information about the appropriate cleaning materials for your car, read the infographic from KEPLER Window Films and Coatings provided below:

Cleaning materials for your vehicle