Diesel Exhaust System: Things You Need To Know Before Buying

One of the primary considerations in buying or owning a car or Doncaster taxi is having a green vehicle. Passenger vehicles are one of the primary contributors to nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide pollution in the world. A country mitigates this concern with the implementation of regulations and standards that limit vehicles’ emission levels. Moreover, car buyers or owners are responsible for learning how vehicles contribute to air pollution and help alleviate the issue.

Diesel-Engine Vehicles and Emissions

Vehicle emissions are the waste product of the car engine’s internal combustion. Simply, it is the result of the burning of fuel that powers the car. The composition of this exhaust emission may include carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NO), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and particulates such as mercury.  These waste products are expelled into the atmosphere and contaminate the air, causing air pollution and exacerbating climate change.

All vehicles produce emissions. However, some types of vehicle engines produce fewer emissions than others. Diesel engines, like 4th gen Cummins, are preferred for having minimal emissions than petrol engines. This is because diesel engines are energy-efficient, burning less fuel to run, and thus produce less CO2, CO, and other hydrocarbons.

However, diesel engine emissions still accumulate over time and pose a danger to the environment and health. As such, car manufacturers are responsible for developing vehicles with high diesel performanceand innovating components that address the issues. Some solutions include diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and Selective Catalytic Reaction (SCR) components. 

A 101 in Diesel Exhaust System

Another component that manages the toxic emissions from vehicles is its exhaust system. Exhaust systems collect exhaust fumes emitted by the engine and remove harmful substances before releasing the exhaust gases away from the car. Every exhaust system is different for every vehicle, so this is another critical feature to look over when making decisions about your vehicle.

If having a green vehicle is a top consideration for you, then learning more about how a diesel exhaust system works will help you become a more accountable vehicle owner. Here is a quick overview of diesel exhaust systems in an infographic by Pure Diesel Power.