The Importance of a Car Service

Staying tip-top: The importance of regular car services | The Vasstech

One of the best things to do to keep your car efficient and safe is to get it serviced periodically. Getting a service may look like an inconvenience, especially for beginner drivers who are not highly skilled in car ownership, but it does not have to be. I created for you a guide to everything you should know about car servicing!

·      What represent a car service?

A car service represents a safety check with routine maintenance for the vehicle which evaluates everything from normal tear and wear of the vehicle to the engine’s fluid levels. A service is usually under the supervision of a mechanic and he usually can do over 50 system and component checks, parts replacement and adjustments.

·      Why do you need a car service?

Well, periodically servicing represents the assurance that your car is running as safely and productive as possible. It may sound a bit expensive, but it ends up saving you some money over time. If you get a regular service you are likely to observe upgraded fuel efficiency, better control and a steady running engine. You can enjoy comfort and get rid of worries because your vehicle is running optimally. This can help you to avoid expensive repair bills by understanding the issues that may drive to a problem over time. Beside of those, regular vehicle servicing will certainly prolong the life of the vehicle. A full service history will also help your car to keep its value on the market and it will be easy to sell if you want.

·      What does a car service cover?

It depends the most on what kind of service will you choose. For example, a full service usually costs around 175$ and it includes an engine oil and filter change, a full brake check, an inspection to all fluids and also examinations on over 50 other important parts, including safety-related features. A more expensive service will check and replace a larger selection of components and could contain a change of spark plugs and some important filters, as well as inspecting factors like suspension and wheel alignment.

·      How often do you need a car service?

It is recommended to put your car in a service for every 12.000 miles run, whenever you feel something wrong about, or at least once a year. Of course, it depends on the personal driving approach and the quality of the roads. Few vehicles can operate more with extended mileages without service because of the high-quality lubricants but you have to assure that your car provides this feature.


I do not recommend you to service your car if you do not have enough information about mechanics. You can easily break something important and it will lead to a lot more costs. The lubricants could also be dangerous and you can harm yourself!

Finally, hiring the professional car service Ormeau is very important and beneficial from all point of view. It represents an investment that you will see over time! You do not have to worry about problems anymore and you will be safe! I hope you enjoyed this article and found some new cool stuff! Till next time!