What Are the Common Myths Related to Car Shipping

There is no dearth of myths surrounding the vehicle transportation industry. Sometimes due to these myths, a customer finds it tough to trust a car transportation service provider for moving vehicles between locations.

In this article, we are going to debunk the very popular vehicle shipping misconceptions to assist in separating fact from fiction.

Vehicle transport rates are determined only by distance

The car transport rate is dependent on the kind of car, the weight of the car, the specific deadline for delivery, and the type of carrier. For the same distance, the transportation cost of a sedan is less costly than that of a large truck. Also, open carrier shipping costs significantly less that of enclosed carrier shipping.

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Shipping is time-consuming compared to driving

It is the other way round. Driving a thousand miles to reach a new country involves a lot of time and effort. It is a very cumbersome process. When you choose car transportation services, they take away all the tension from your shoulders. 

The highly experienced professionals at this company make the entire process quick, convenient, and safe. Several firms also provide speedy shipping options to get the car to the destination sooner. 

Debunking Some Common Myths About Auto Shipping | HaulMatch

It is quite challenging to prepare a car for transportation

If you want the safe and timely arrival of your vehicle, it is essential that you properly prepare your car. It is not a very complicated process. All you need to do is to eliminate all your personal belongings to ensure that your gas tank is 1/4th full. Also, take good care of car maintenance tasks before you transport it.

Vehicle shipping is very expensive 

Price is a big concern among people when it comes to shipping a vehicle. This is a common belief among people that these services cost too much. But in reality, when you compare it with the expenses that you incur when you drive it on your own, it will turn out to be cost-effective. 

There are several areas where you will need to spend money such as frequent stops for food, lodging, goods, etc. Also, a trusted vehicle transportation company will give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be handled and shipped safely to the destination. 

Select the lowest price at the time of shipping a car

It is not a wise decision to choose the transportation service that offers you services at the least price. When auto companies offer service at a cheap price, you may get inferior quality service. There are possibilities that you get delayed shipment, damaged arrival of the car, no information on the location of the car for extended periods, etc.  


There are various reasons when we need to transport our vehicles from one place to another. Due to the misconceptions in people about car transportation companies, people are hesitant to obtain these services. We have addressed some of the commonly held myths to make it easier for customers to make an informed selection.