Device to Reduce Truck Fuel Consumption – The Water Fuel Conversion Kit

A pickup truck is generally designed with an open-top rear cargo area which is almost always separated from the cab to allow for chassis flex when carrying or pulling heavy loads. With large engine capacity, a truck also offers the comfort of a family sedan. Almost all trucks use an internal combustion engine to generate torque. A truck that is carrying loads will burn large amount of fuel. Many truck owners are experiencing an inflated gasoline bill due to the current high fuel prices. Are there any ways to cut a truck fuel consumption? One solution is to install a water fuel conversion kit. How does the concept work? This article will reveal the science of using water as fuel for trucks to reduce gasoline consumption.

The device that can reduce truck fuel consumption in essence converts an engine to burn hydrogen gas (H2) as a complementary fuel source. An electrolysis device can be used to generate the hydrogen needed for the engine combustion. From basic science class, we know that water is the product of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen hence its chemical name H2O. By tapping to the battery, H2 will be generated when electricity is flowing through electro-coils submerged in water. Next, the H2 gas created is to be released into the engine air filtration system.

When a truck is running, fresh air and the hydrogen gas will be drawn into the combustion chambers. The hydrogen gas in the combustion chambers will be mixed with conventional gasoline fume. Because H2 can burn much faster, the end result of the gas mixture is a strong torque from the engine. Theoretically, when a truck is running on the same amount of fuel with a higher engine power level, it is capable of going further hence increasing its gas mileage. Increased fuel mileage means lower gasoline expense for the vehicle owner.

To setup the electrolysis device to reduce a truck fuel consumption is not a difficult job. If you are similar with engine parts, you can do the conversion process yourself. What you will need is some hand tools and a step by step instructional guide. To start reducing your vehicle fuel expenses, your next step is to purchase the guide from the internet and begin the conversion project. With the high gasoline prices at the local station, any idea that can reduce fuel consumption is worth exploring.